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Combination Style Chicken Coops in Lancaster PA

Combination Style Chicken Coop Design

This design is 14" off the ground.

  • The new raised coop area adds to the overall run space available for chickens to roam outdoors.

  • This coop design provides safety for chickens because it is fully enclosed.

  • Raising the coop makes the inside of the coop smaller which will keep chickens warmer in cold temperatures.

Customers and chickens love the new design. There is shady space under the coop where the chickens like to hang out on sunny days. The new chicken coop design also reduces the height inside the coop to help with heating and keeping chickens warm in winter.

Our coops are designed and built by Amish who also use the coops themselves.

Customization is possible. Please call or email us.


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Combinations CHICKEN COOPS

COOP OPTIONS -------------- We Are Happy to Answer Your Questions 717-553-0215

    Warmth Options

  • Insulated Ceiling Ask for Price view photo
  • Insulated Metal Roof-Ask for Price
  • Heated roost $219 view photo
  • Space Heater w/Safety Shelf $99 ea
  • Safety Shelf for Space Heater $45 ea

    Easy to Clean Coops Options

  • Epoxy Floor-Ask for Price view photo
  • Clean Out Lid $139
  • Litter Trays per ft Ask for Price view photo
  • Double Clean Out Lid-Ask for Price
  • Finished Interior-Ask for Price view photo
  • Finished Ceiling-Ask for Price
  • Poly Nesting Box Dividers $11 ea view photo
  • Deep Litter System-Ask for Price
  • Hinged Combo Run Clean-Out $15 lft
  • Ventilation Options

  • Electric Exhaust Fan $369 ea
  • Screen Door with 1/2" wire $129
  • Extra Ventilation Lid $99 ea
  • Additional Window $99 ea
  • Ridge Vent $9 per ft
  • Gable Vents $29 ea view photo
  • Wheel Options

  • 2 Wheels Lift Lever Kit for Runs $359
  • 2 Wheels w/ Wheelbarrow handles $199
  • 4 Wheels w/Steering Handle $449 view photo
  • Heavy-Duty Wheel System $1,189
  • Hydraulic Lift Wheel System for Combination Coops $1,939
  • Style Options

  • 15" Cupola $189 view photo
  • 18" Windowed Cupola $259 view photo
  • Aluminum Chicken Weathervane $109 view photo
  • Copper Chicken Weathervane $209 view photo
  • Classic Style Upgrade 15% of Base Price
  • Flower Box (A-Frame Style Coop Only) $39
  • Shutters - 2 - (A-Frame Style Coop Only) $49
  • Custom Paint 3% base
  • No Paint, Stain, Shingles 5% Less
  • Cedar Shake Roof 25% of Base Price
  • Kits

  • DIY Kits $195 more
  • Storage

  • Feed Storage Box $399
  • 4' Feed Room Addition to Coop $839
  • Feed Room Wall $309
  • Feed Room - 1' $210
  • Gutter System

  • Gutters per lft $8.25
  • Downspout ea $50


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