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A-Frame Style Chicken Coops in Lancaster

A-Frame Chicken Coop Sale


The A-Frame is a classic style favored by many. With simple straight lines and beautiful trim, it has its own touch of class. Choose from three wood siding styles: board and batten, duratemp, or tongue and groove. Our Amish made chicken coops are delivered to you fully built unless you specify that you would prefer them to be delivered as a kit. They are Amish designed and built, custom made to your specifications.

Click on the thumbnails below to view more information about the different coops. We Deliver Pre-Built Chicken Coops.

A-Frame Style Chicken Coops
A-Frame 12x24
86-123 Chickens
A-Frame Style Chicken Coops
A-Frame 7x24
96-123 Chickens
A-Frame Style Chicken Coops
A-Frame 7x12 w/ Feed Room
32-46 Chickens
A-Frame Style Chicken Coops
A-Frame 7x10
36-51 Chickens
A-Frame Style Chicken Coops
A-Frame 6x10
24-30 Chickens
A-Frame Style Chicken Coops
A-Frame 4x6
14-21 Chickens
A-Frame Style Chicken Coops
A-Frame 3x3
4-5 Chickens











If you are looking for a classic a-frame hen house with the option of added security for your hens, consider wire over the windows, wire under the run, and an automatic chicken door.

Do cold winters make you worry that your chickens need a heated and insulated chicken coop? Check out the metal roof option that comes insulated or add insulation to a shingle roof. If you want to add a heater to your coop, we can wire it for electric with installed outlets.

Our small 3x3 a-frame chicken coop holds 3-5 chickens. We have that model available with a run and wheels to make it moveable. We call that a tractor chicken coop. As a matter of fact, most of our chicken coops can be made to be moveable with the wheel options. We offer several coops in the mid-size range for 5 to 28 chickens. Our largest A-Frame chicken coop houses up to 100 chickens.

A-Frame chicken coops are the simplest style and most affordable style that we offer. Every coop we make is constructed in the USA by hand, by an Amish craftsman. Customization is absolutely possible. We want to create the best chicken coop for your situation whether you have 5 chickens in an urban setting or 25 chickens in the suburbs or in the country.

If you are looking for a coop that can be moved around your yard, check out our tractor chicken coop models. Several models are offered in the A-Frame style. It is possible to add wheels to most of our chicken coops. We have our wheel systems custom made by a local company. They are designed specifically to work with our coops. Small coops can be made portable with just two wheels and wheelbarrow handles. Our mid-sized and large coops require four wheel systems that can either be pulled by hand or can be pulled by a lawn tractor or other equipment.

Customer Testimonial

“We love our chicken coop as a matter of fact our girls (chickens) love it even more. We got 5 chickens for this coop and they give us 5 eggs every day. We have been told that it is unusual for chickens to produce at 100%. I guess it is the room they have combined with tender loving care that keeps them happy. I would recommend this coop any time.”

Chris, Coatesville, PA A-Frame 5x7 Combination Chicken Coop


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